Power System IEEE Projects

Power Systems Projects

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I. IEEE 2018 Based Power System


  1. Grid-Connected Symmetrical Cascaded Multilevel Converter for Power Quality Improvement. (IEEE2018)
  2. DC Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control for Delta-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM Considering Unbalanced Grid and Load Conditions. (IEEE2018)
  3. Grid-Voltage-Oriented Sliding Mode Control for DFIG Under Balanced and Unbalanced Grid Faults (IEEE2018)
  4. Analysis, Control, and Design of a Hybrid Grid-Connected Inverter for Renewable Energy Generation With Power Quality Conditioning.(IEEE2018)
  5. An Effective Voltage Controller for Quasi-Z-Source Inverter-Based STATCOM With Constant DC-Link Voltage. (IEEE2018)
  6. Synchronization and Reactive Current Support of PMSG based Wind Farm during Severe Grid Fault. (IEEE2018)
  7. A Novel DVR-ESS-Embedded Wind Energy Conversion System. (IEEE2018)
  8. Power Quality Improvement and PV Power Injection by DSTATCOM with Variable DC Link Voltage Control from RSC-MLC. (IEEE2018)
  9. Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique With Control of Capacitive DC-Link Voltages in an Asymmetric Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter for STATCOM Application. (IEEE2018)
  10. Voltage Limit Control of Modular Multilevel Converter Based Unified Power Flow Controller Under Unbalanced Grid Conditions (IEEE2018)
  11. A Transformer-Less Unified Power Quality Conditioner with Fast Dynamic Control. (IEEE2018)
  12. Flexible Compensation Strategy for Voltage Source Converter Under Unbalanced and Harmonic Condition Based on a Hybrid Virtual Impedance Method. (IEEE2018)
  13. A Multiple Improved Notch Filter Based Control for Single Stage PV System Tied to Weak Grid. (IEEE2018)
  14. Design and Performance Analysis of Three-Phase Solar PV Integrated UPQC. (IEEE2018)
  15. PV-STATCOM: A New Smart Inverter for Voltage Control in Distribution Systems. (IEEE2018)
  16. Multi-Objective Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Modified EPLL Control and Optimized PI Controller Gains. (IEEE2018)